Little Ship of Fools

In 2012, at the age of 62, Paros writer Charlie Wilkins set off with a crew of adventurers to row across the Atlantic Ocean. The intent was to set a world-record time of 31 days. Fifty-three days later, the crew arrived in Port St. Charles, Barbadoa, in a broken and disintegrating boat, out of food (for the past seven days) — clinging perhaps less to their oars than to what was left of their sanity.

Crew member and writer Charlie Wilkins will present a personal and provocative travelogue about this 5,000-km trans-Atlantic rowing expedition.

Waves the height of 5-storey buildings. Whales a hundred times bigger than the boat.

  • Illustrated with slides and video
  • Piano compositions and performance by Terence Mortimer

From reviews for the book, Little Ship of Fools:

  • “This playful but epic tale stands as a testament to the human spirit stripped bare by the power of nature.”
    New York Review of Books
  • “A rich and funny story about the importance of our connections to each other and to the planet, and to the rewards of risk in our lives.”
    Kirkus Reviews
Little Ship of Fools

Due to Charlie’s health issues, this event has been postponed until further notice.

At the Mythodia Music Conservatory, Parikia