An Opera Sung by Elephants

an illustrated
African Travelogue
by Charlie Wilkins

with jazz accompaniment by
Terrence Mortimer

Sunday, November 5th, 2023, at 19:00

At the Conservatory Mythodia

During the weeks before Covid, under a shadow of personal tragedy, the Canadian writer Charlie Wilkins, a current resident of Paros, embarked on the most ambitious magazine story of his 40-year career in journalism – travelling to the legendary game preserves of southern Africa for Geographic Travel. His assignment was to write about Africa’s controversial $40-billion ecoutourism industry and the magnificent ecological opera – the elephants and lions and rhinos, as well as the people and propoganda – on which it depends. This is the story: always colourful and charged with life, always personal, sometimes hilarious, moving and profound.

“With the publication of A Wilderness Called Home (Penguin/Viking, Toronto, New York, 2004), Wilkins demonstrates page after page that among Canadian writers there is no one better when it comes to depicting the people, places and splendors of the natural world.”

Patrick Watson, former President of the CBC,
from a review in the
Toronto Globe and Mail