Attention In

Where will you choose to put yours in a world of distractions competing for your attention?

As leadership & personal development coach, Maria Telikiozoglou leads us in a collaborative event that will highlight the gifts of introspection and the power of wielding our own attention.

This open-forum program is aimed at inspiring you, and will feature brief accounts from fellow Parian residents, showcasing different ways of tuning in to the here & now – everyone has their own unique way of going about this.

At every moment we can take command of our attention and choose to wield it well 💪 ❤

Attention In: drop into the present moment.

Maria Telikiozoglou

Monday, February 5th, 2024, at 19:00

At the Municipal Arts Centre (Dimitrakopoulos Blg)


The Poster

Maria Telikiozoglou poster