Kyklos Paros & Island Cultura present

From Havana to Paros

Monday, July 31st at 20:15

At the Holland Tunnel, Parikia

Ariamna Contino and Alex Hernández-Dueñas, are two highly regarded Cuban artists that have gained international recognition both individually and through their collaborative work. They offer us a visually attractive presentation on contrasting environmental and social themes. They combine art and science in their research, establishing connections between areas impacted by climate change, such as rising sea levels and global warming, as well as cultural practices like Souma making in Paros and Rum production in Havana.

Their creative process is the result of in-depth research and data collection, which they translate into visually attractive artworks often contrasting with the themes explored. Contino and Hernández-Dueñas’ work methodology allows them to achieve pieces inspired by the various environments they experiment while creating bridges between them. Through an appealing visual identity, their artworks are able to subtly raise awareness of challenging subjects by attracting the viewers’ attention.

Alex Hernández-Dueñas and Ariamna Contino have had several solo exhibitions around the world and participated in numerous collective shows and major international art fairs. In 2019, they both presented individual installations at the Cuban Pavilion during the Venice Biennial. Institutions, including the National Fine Arts Museum in Havana, the Perez Art Museum in Miami and the CIFO-Cisnero Fontanals Foundation, have acquired some of their artworks for their permanent collection.