Kyklos Paros presents The Tango of Ethics

Book Presentation and Discussion

Wednesday, June 21st at 20:00

At the Paros Public Library Yiannis Gikas

In his new book The Tango of Ethics: Intuition, Rationality and the Prevention of Suffering, published in January 2023 by Imprint Academic and partly written during stays at the House of Literature in Lefkes, Jonathan Leighton proposes a deep, rigorous reassessment of how we think about ethics. A key paradigm is the conflict and interplay between two fundamentally different ways of seeing and being in the world — that of the intuitive human being who wants to lead a meaningful life and thrive, and that of the detached, rational agent who wants to prevent unbearable suffering from occurring.

The Tango of Ethics by Jonathan Leighton

Jonathan Leighton

Jonathan Leighton, PhD, is a writer, ethics strategist and social change advocate, and a leading proponent of a contemporary approach to ethics that focuses explicitly on the prevention and alleviation of suffering. His first book, The Battle for Compassion: Ethics in an Apathetic Universe, offers a sweeping overview of our situation as a species that methodically addresses the question “What matters?”

Jonathan is also the Executive Director of the Organisation for the Prevention of Intense Suffering (OPIS), a think-and-do tank he founded to promote the application of compassionate ethics to societal decision-making. A molecular biologist by training, he grew up in Montreal, Canada and holds degrees from Harvard University and the University of Basel, Switzerland.

Jonathan Leighton Poster Kyklos Paros